Music & Art Nov 23, 2020

Pre-order “Smekkleysa 33 1/3 Birthday Book” for Exclusive Images and Details of Iceland’s Greatest Musicians

The book from the Icelandic record label will be available for order on December 1.

One of Iceland’s most prominent record labels, Smekkleysa, which translates to “Bad Taste,” was established in 1986 by the Sugarcubes and has been promoting good music since then. To celebrate three decades of the record label, the 33 1/3 Birthday Book gives readers an exclusive look at rare images and details of well-known artists such as Björk, Sigur Rós, Múm, The Sugarcubes, KUKL and more. The book was designed by Ámundi Sigurðsson and edited by Ólafur J. Engilbertsson.

For 33 years, Smekkleysa has been the driving force behind the creative spirit in Icelandic music and writing and has contributed to the preservation of cultural values in the fields of words and music. Smekkleysa has been a publishing house and a record store, hosting concerts and shows and numerous events and now, 33 years and 300 releases later, Smekkleysa is publishing a book about its secrets and gossip where nothing is left over!

Many well-known artists have contributed to the publication, which contains numerous photographs, most by Björg Sveinsdóttir. This is a diverse publication with exciting material, short articles, pictures, clippings and posters from the history of one of the most colorful publishers in Iceland.

The book contains both Icelandic and English and is available for presale at this link. The book will be available on December 1, 2020 and will be shipped out to pre-buyers.