Nature & Environment Oct 23, 2017

Places to Dine and Stay in East Iceland

Explore these new restaurants, hotels and farms while traveling through Iceland’s eastern highlands and coast.

In addition to its rugged mountains, vast wilderness and untouched natural beauty, there’s more to East Iceland than you may think. Foodies, beer fanatics and adventure-seekers alike can all find something to do while exploring Iceland’s eastern landscapes and quaint towns. Whether you’re traveling along the Golden Circle or off the beaten path, check out just some of these new restaurants, cafés, breweries, and farms now open in East Iceland!

Farmers Bistro

Despite its location in the town of Flúðir that’s home to only 800 people, Farmers Bistro is quickly becoming a popular restaurant throughout all of East Iceland. The restaurant is attached to Iceland’s only mushroom farm, Flúðasveppir, which produces both white and chestnut mushrooms. Farmers Bistro is a must-try restaurant for those looking to taste Iceland’s fresh produce. In addition to mushrooms, Farmers Bistro also uses cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, kale and carrots from Flúða-Jörfi, one of Iceland’s largest horticulture farms. All additional selections of homemade bread and álegg, the Icelandic word for ‘things that go on bread,’ are sourced from local greenhouses and dairy farms. Be sure to try Farmers Bistro’s secret recipe mushroom soup while you’re there!

The Bait Shack

Enjoy dinner with a view at The Bait Shack! Converted from a former bait house and aptly named, The Bait Shack is a hidden gem in East Iceland. This new restaurant and bar in Neskaupsstaður is serving up fresh Icelandic seafood and drinks. The restaurant’s artwork displays the history of the fishing village and is a popular spot for local fisherman to stop by with their catch of the day. Pop in for a taste of an traditional Icelandic dish and enjoy a beer on the open deck overlooking the stunning fjord. Owned by the Hildibrand Hotel, you can also participate in one of their many exciting activities and tours in Neskaupsstaður.

Havarí Hostel

If you’re in need of a place to stay while in East Iceland, look no further than the Havarí Hostel. Having recently opened in August, this hostel goes above and beyond a traditional hostel. Run by husband and wife Svavar and Berglind, your stay at Havarí includes fresh food from the organic Karlsstaðir farm such as “bulsur,” meaning vegan sausages, and “sveitasnakk,” or chips from homegrown vegetables. Guests can find entertainment in exploring the farm located just outside your room, a tour of the food production and trying their hand in the available art space. Svavar and Berglind also treat their guests to musical performances and a wide range of events every month! You can book your stay by contacting

The Aspen House

The Aspen House is the latest addition to the Vallanes farm in East Iceland. With a successful grand opening this summer, the Aspen House is an organic farm shop and café offering a range of wholesome, organic products straight from the Vallanes farm. At the Aspen House, treat yourself to a fresh vegetarian breakfast or lunch with farm fresh vegetables. Depending on the season, you’ll get a taste of something different every time you come in. The Aspen House is only open seasonally from April to October, but you can schedule group visits and tours to the farm here.

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