Products & Services Oct 11, 2016

Örlygsson Brothers Carry on Icelandic Fishing Tradition

The brothers are dedicated to serving the highest quality fish to their customers!

IceMar was founded by three brothers, Sturla, Teitur and Gunnar Örlygsson, after being inspired by their father, who was a fisherman himself. All three brothers embraced this old Icelandic fishing tradition and maintain the family goal of providing only the freshest quality fish to their customers.

Each morning, their boats leave the dock and return in the evening with hundreds of pounds of wild cod. The cod is then packaged and flown via Icelandair to FreshDirect, IceMar’s first and only US customer. To ensure the freshest quality, the cod arrives the very next day at FreshDirect in New York. With their quick sea to land turn around, IceMar serves some of the best restaurants in Iceland and delivers to other countries in Europe, including Spain and France. And if you think cod is the only fish the brothers catch, think again! IceMar also imports dover sole, arctic char, langoustine and more.  

Looking to learn more about a day in the life of the Örlygsson brothers? Check out the videos below!