Food & Drink Oct 11, 2017

Ölgerðin Strikes Gold at World Beer Awards 2017!

The Icelandic brewery took home two gold medals at one of the most prestigious beer award events in the world.

Ölgerðin was awarded not one, but two gold medals at the 2017 World Beer Awards! One of Ölgerðin’s craft breweries, Borg Brugghús, received awards for Best Wood Aged Beer and World’s Best Flavored Beer 2017 for their bourbon barrel aged Surtur Nr.8.2, a 14.5% ABV Imperial Stout.

Over 2,000 beers from close to 400 breweries from all around the world competed in the prestigious  international competition. Borg Brugghús’ Surtur Imperial Stout is named after Surtr (meaning old Norse for “black” or “the swarthy one”), a fire giant in Norse mythology. True to its name, the beer features lava-like foam on top of roasted grain, burnt sugar, dark coffee and liquorice (an Icelandic favorite). Surtur Nr.8.2 ages in bourbon barrels for six months, lending to its soft touch and tones of vanilla and oak.

“We are especially happy and proud of this one. We have been developing our Imperial Stouts pretty much since we started brewing and made many different barrel-aged versions of them, looking for the perfect balance of smoothness and intensity along with the complexity we look for in beers of this type. Since this is one of the world’s highest rated and most sought after beer styles worldwide, we are extremely happy with this award,“ said Valgeir Valgeirsson, brewmaster at Borg Brugghús.

Established in Reykjavik in 1913, Ölgerðin is Iceland’s oldest running brewery. The company’s first products were beers, but it has since gained a reputation as the producer of a wide range of high-quality drinks. More recently, Borg Brugghús was founded by Ölgerðin in 2010 as a progressive craft brewery that aims to incorporate unique Icelandic traits and local ingredients into its beers and food. Some of Ölgerðin products include Brennivín, the original spirit of Iceland, and several other Borg Brugghús beers including Brio, Gull and more.  You can find a selection of Ölgerðin beverages and their locations in the US and Canada here.

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