Food & Drink May 21, 2014

Olafur Eliasson Brings the Hall Art Foundation Back to Nature

Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson's artwork is showcased in Vermont.

The work of Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is currently on public display for the first time at the Hall Art Foundation in Reading, Vermont. The collection, located in a rustic farmhouse and previously restricted to appointment-only viewing, showcases the work of Eliasson alongside pieces by New York and Connecticut artist Neil Jenney. Eliasson’s contemporary style is showcased in both indoor and outdoor settings, and includes a variety of pieces ranging from performance art to a man-made waterfall constructed from scaffolding. Art critic Sebastian Smee describes Eliasson’s work as “stirring” and a “tonic for the weary.”

Eliasson’s pieces are an eclectic display of beauty and logistics that play with the dimensions of space and shading. One of his creations, entitled “Light ventilator mobile,” is a hanging mobile which balances a motor on one side and a light on the other, creating a spotlight which dimly lights the room but sharpens as it comes into focus. “Your uncertain shadow (growing),” a second display, is an interactive piece that allows the viewer to experience the effects of colored light sources on the human shadow. His other featured work includes his exhibition piece  “The Weather Project.”

Ultimately, Eliasson aims to disarm the viewer while making them aware of the complex micro-experiences they encounter daily which are perceived as being simplistic in nature. According to Eliasson, “we need to get better at bringing our micro-experiences into a global context to feel responsible for finding sustainable ways to live.”Olafur Eliasson seems to be taking note from his home country of Iceland, a quarter of which is sustainably powered through geothermal energy. Take a trip to Iceland and see it for yourself, or check out Eliasson’s Artsy page for his biography, photos of his artwork, upcoming shows and more.