Food & Drink Sep 09, 2014

NORTH Nordic Food Festival Kicks Off in New York

Icelandic chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson & chef James Kim of NYC's SKÁL team up for a delicious Nordic inspired dinner menu.



From September 13-20, New  York City will be showcasing amazing Nordic chefs, producers and flavors at the second annual NORTH Food Festival. Taste, smell and see what Nordic gastronomy is all about at the largest Nordic Food Festival in the U.S. This year’s festival features a unique partnership between Iceland’s acclaimed Slippurin and New York City’s Nordic-inspired SKÁL, where head chefs from each restaurant will collaborate to offer an exclusive eight course meal for two days.

NORTH Tasting & Demo Day





Forget about your typical Saturday routine on September 13 and allow your taste buds to explore a variety of Nordic drinks and bites without leaving the city. NORTH and the International Culinary Center will host a Saturday afternoon tasting session where you’ll spend the day sampling Nordic food and drinks from the likes of Unika by Castello, Slippurinn and Blenheim Farms.



Culinary experts from around the world will teach attendees about alcohol and food pairings, unique flavors, and farm-to-table practices. Come expand your mind and your stomach in one comprehensive tasting session and you will certainly not be disappointed!

Farm-to-Table: Morten Sohlberg and Chef Ryan Tate of Blenheim Farms will lead a farmer & chef demo showcasing their intricate partnership from the ground up. Hyper-fresh ingredients from the farm will be featured in a variety of ways for you to see and taste.

Food: Learn about and taste a selection of high-quality cheeses from Unika by Castello, in their raw form and then be treated to some interesting and surprising ways this cheese can be transformed like you’d never imagined!

Drink: Get a first-hand glance into the innovative drink program at Slippurinn and experience the unique ingredients and flavors such as Sorrel, Rhubarb, Kelp, Dulse, Angelica, Wild Chervil, Arctic Thyme, Carraway and Birch. The Slipperinn Chef and Mixologist will lead you through this journey of exciting beverage flavors and combinations.

Exclusive Kitchen Collaboration

Chef Gísli Matthías Auðunsson, co-owner and chef of Iceland’s Slippurinn, and executive chef James Kim of NYC’s SKÁL, are teaming up for a delicious Nordic inspired dinner menu.



Slippurinn, a restaurant acclaimed for its fresh seafood, homegrown herbs, and seasonal ingredients, is located on Iceland’s Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar). Slippurinn is a family-run eatery that serves mostly Icelandic cuisine with an occasional Mediterranean touch, using only the best local ingredients. It’s casual, friendly and high quality at a reasonable price.

The head chef at Slippurinn is the recently graduated Gísli Matthías Audunsson, who participated for Iceland in Nordic Chef of the year 2012. At only 25 years old, Gísli is already one of the most accomplished chefs in Iceland. His highly ambitious kitchen is only open four months of the year; during the remaining eight months, Gísli travels near and far for restaurant inspiration.

SKÁL is a modern northern restaurant and cocktail bar in New York on the Lower East Side that is loyal to the basic culinary principles, yet confident enough to explore uncharted territories. Executive Chef James Kim (formerly ACME and Roberta’s) crafts imaginative and bold food that still manages to retain familiar and comforting flavors. Chef James makes use of vanguard techniques, such as hay-smoking, blending the ingredients of land and sea, pickling and fermenting, and overall employs a strong naturalist approach to cooking. The results are carefully balanced Scandinavian and Icelandic-inspired dishes that are that are exciting and flavorful.

During an exclusive two-day event at NORTH, Gísli will share his inspiration and collaborate with chef James Kim at SKÁL, where they will share their love for regional, fresh cuisine over an eight course menu, featured below.


Icelandic rye, sour cream

Quince, snow of foie gras

Buerre blanc, dulse, dill

Thyme, citrus


Radicchio, coco beans, cauliflower

Icelandic pancake, rutabaga, horseraddish

Arctic thyme, dried mushrooms

Dill and lavender, granita, lava stout sponge