Music & Art Oct 23, 2013

NewYork Times: Iceland’s Romance With Electric Cars

While most newlyweds depart their wedding ceremony in a stretch limo or horse-drawn carriage, Tomas Kristjansson and Berglind Anna Zoega chose to drive away in something different: an electric car.

The Icelandic couple and their unique wedding day transportation were recently featured in The New York Times, illustrating the popularity of electric cars in Iceland. The newlyweds drove away in the country’s only Tesla Model S after a ceremony in Reykjavik’s iconic Hallgrimskirkja Church on September 7.

The electric car enthusiasts are not alone in their love for electric cars; many Icelanders go green with their car choice. With gasoline prices at around $7 a gallon, driving a regular car is extremely costly, but Iceland has plentiful amounts of geothermal and hydro-generated electricity, perfect for plugging in electronics (car included). The government even encourages electric vehicle purchases by reducing value-added taxes and import taxes, making the cars more affordable for Icelanders.  

Gisli Gislason, who loaned the Tesla to the couple for their big day, said, “This young couple only drives electric cars. They only use Icelandic energy. They wanted to start their time together by showing off a little bit that they were taking care of nature and all these things.”

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