Nature & Environment Sep 30, 2013

The New York Times Features Icelandic ‘Dream River’

The New York Times’ Peter Kaminsky describes Iceland’s Midfjardara is “as uncomplicated and as beautiful as a well-constructed haiku.” The river features several waterfalls and winds through black lava canyons. Only a handful of fishermen line the banks along the 75-mile river full of wild salmon. According to the Midfjardara website, about 1500 salmon are caught each season, which lasts from June 23 until September 28.

Kaminsky notes that most fisherman release their catches, though it’s not required. “I am convinced that a meal or two of fresh-caught salmon makes us value this resource more, not less,” he writes. The author recalls releasing more than two dozen salmon during his one week fishing the river, one of which was 36 inches and about 16 pounds.

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