Nature & Environment Nov 21, 2013

New York Daily News Features Stunning Black-and-White Video of Iceland

Those who visit Iceland typically note the vibrant colors of its striking landscape. However, photographer Enrique Pacheco used an infrared camera to capture black-and-white photos of Iceland’s south coast and the results are spectacular. Pacheco’s short film, ‘
Melancholia, is a must-see time lapse video that captures the essence of Iceland, from flowing waterfalls and changing tides to billowing clouds flowing over mountain tops.

Pacheco, who is originally from Madrid, visited Iceland for 12 days in late June and early July, when the sun shines in Iceland 24 hours a day. The Daily News article mentions that the infrared camera he used was “able to capture more light than an ordinary shutter and is often used at night when it’s dark.” Pacheco also noted that while the landscape was a lush green at the time, he “chose to make his film in black-and-white to showcase as dramatic a contrast as possible to see the details in the scenery.”

Click here to read the full article in The New York Daily News and to see still photos from the film.