Products & Services Aug 26, 2013

New Underwater Cable System Creates Opportunities for Iceland

News of Iceland recently reported that a new submarine communications cable connecting Iceland to North America will be ready for use next year. Currently, two submarine cables connect Iceland to Europe (Farice and Danice) and one runs from Iceland to North America (the Greenland Connect). The new cable, dubbed the Emerald Express, will lie from New York to Iceland and then to Ireland.

Emerald Networks said that this 4,000 mile cable system is “the most advanced ‘next generation’ undersea telecommunications network ever built, offering low-latency and utilizing superior digital technology.” The implementation of this cable system will improve connectivity to Iceland and increase opportunities for Icelandic Internet services and tech companies. Emerald Networks President Greg Varisco said this system “will enable Emerald Network to meet the tremendous demand for bandwidth driven by cloud services, while providing Iceland with the required connectivity to support data centers powered by long-term competitively priced, 100% carbon free renewable energy.”