Products & Services Oct 28, 2013

New ‘Kids Sound Lab’ App Helps Children Learn English & Icelandic Sounds

‘Kids Sound Lab’ is a new iOS app that helps parents give their children a head start on how to pronounce and practice English sounds in engaging activities. Created by a certified speech language pathologist to help children and adults learn basic English pronunciation, the app is ideal for families with English as a second language.


Vigdis Finnbogadottir, former President of Iceland, and Mr. Illugi Gunnarsson, Minister of Culture and Education, launched the app at a formal reception at the Cultural House in Iceland.

The app is available for download in the App Store in both in Icelandic as “Laerum og leikum med hljodin” and in English as “Kids Sound Lab.”

Creator Bryndis Gudmundsdottir was awarded a “Special Recognition Award 2011” from the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWIIN) for her innovative work in the field of speech pathology. Consultants for Kids Sound Lab are Dr. Barbara Hodson at Wichita State University, KS, and Dr. Katherine Abbott Verdolini at University of Pittsburg, PA, leading specialists in the field of Articulation, Phonology and Voice.

The Innovation Center in Iceland supported Kids Sound Lab for APP version.

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