Food & Drink Jan 22, 2018

New Cocktail Recipe from Brennivín

Iceland’s most loved aquavit is back with a delicious new cocktail recipe.

Your new favorite cocktail is here! This tasty new recipe from New York City’s Up & Up bar combines Iceland’s signature aquavit, Brennivín, with other savory flavors to create the perfect wintry mix. In fact, the NYC-based bar was one of the first in the U.S. to carry Brennivín!

Brennivín is made from pure Icelandic spring water and caraway seeds, producing a refreshing and hearty taste. Brennivín’s widespread availability throughout the U.S. allows you to bring Icelandic culture into your home! The Stone Crush Cocktail blends Brennivín’s signature flavor with fresh and hoppy components.

The Stone Crush Cocktail

Once you have all of these delicious ingredients, muddle cucumber slices in a mixing glass until they’re juicy. Add the Brennivín, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Rabarbaro Zucca amaro and ice, and stir well. Next, add the beer!

Strain this concoction into a glass over fresh ice. Add extra flavor by twisting a lemon peel over the drink to emphasize its oils. For garnish, top it off with cucumber slices. Enjoy your new favorite cocktail!

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