News Jan 29, 2020

National Nordic Museum Receives Nomination for Best New Museum!

The award category compares many impressive galleries and museums that recently launched across the U.S.

An expert panel for USA Today’s 2020 “10 Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards” has named Seattle’s National Nordic Museum as a nominee for the Best New Museum award! The winner will be chosen from an exceptional selection of museums and galleries that opened within the past two years.

Founded in 1980, the new exhibit for the National Nordic Museum opened in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington in May 2018. The museum shares Nordic history and culture from over 12,000 years through exhibitions of art and objects, preserved collections, and powerful educational and engaging experiences. The exhibition honors five different Nordic nations, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Incorporating Nordic designs with a main hall resembling a fjord using narrowing walls, the building itself delivers a true Nordic experience as guests explore the museum.

The contest allows voters four weeks to vote for their museum of choice, and they are allowed to vote more than once. Cast your vote on the Best New Museum here, then, keep an eye out for the winner that will be announced on February 28th!

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