Music & Art May 08, 2015

Mugison, Pétur Ben & B.O.X Unveil Unique New Performance

‘The Loom of Mind’ combines contemporary creative genius with historical sound textures.

‘The Loom of Mind’ is a 70-minute concert performed by Icelanders Mugison and Pétur Ben along with the Flemish indie-baroque collective Baroque Orchestration X (B.O.X).

Accompanied by B.O.X.’s baroque instruments, Mugison mixes old and new songs, weaving together stand-up comedy, stories, visuals and set design to create a performance in which Mugison’s ‘Mirstrument’ takes center stage. “The Loom of Mind” features three main themes, all centred around different definitions of the word loom:

1. noun; a frame or machine for interlacing, at the right angles, two or more sets of threads or yarns to form a cloth.

2. verb; to appear in a large, strange, or frightening form often in a sudden way; to appear in an impressively large or great form; to be close to happening, to be about to happen

3. noun; the indistinct and exaggerated appearance of something seen on the horizon or through fog or darkness; also: a looming shadow or reflection.

“Loom of Mind” explores the loom as: a complex weaving device and how it relates to the creativity, complexity – and sometimes confusion – of the mind; how sudden tragedy and disaster are always looming deep down in our subconsciousness, which sometimes puts our fragile minds out of balance and creates a sense of fear; and how that fear affects society and institutions.

The concert not only combines genuine, contemporary, creative genius with age-old historical sound textures, but is also made up of compelling, universal storylines. According to Mugison, music is “one big, happy and sometimes mildly schizophrenic playground,” and in true Mugison fashion, this performance has no pattern or interconnecting thread as rock ‘n’ roll, blues, folk, trip hop and electronica are woven into an unpredictable, baroque carpet of sound.

Through humour, music and timeless beauty the underlying message of the concert is one of hope and consolation, by modestly accepting imperfection and embracing the finitude of life.

Mugison, Pétur Ben and B.O.X will be performing ‘The Loom of Mind’ on June 19 in Amsterdam at the Holland Festival. Click here to learn more about this creative performance.

Check out ‘The Loom of Mind’ trailer below: