Products & Services Mar 24, 2015

Loksins Bar Now Open at Keflavik International Airport

The new watering hole offers travelers Brennivin cocktails & a wide array of Icelandic beer.

Travelers stopping at Keflavik International Airport now have a new place to kick back, relax and enjoy a true taste of Iceland. The recently opened bar, “Loksins,” is serving up drinks from award-winning Borg Brugghús, Iceland’s leading craft brewery, along with the original Icelandic spirit, Brennivin

The bar opened on March 9 and gets it’s name from the Icelandic word “loksins,” which translates to “finally,” a common utterance among Icelanders when they return home after a long day of work or time abroad! With a diverse selection of Icelandic products and fresh goods, Loksins gives departing and arriving passengers a chance to enjoy first class food and drink. Loksins’ chefs and bartenders’ talents truly shine in this unique bar environment.

In addition to top-notch food and drink, Loksins Bar is a true reflection of classic Icelandic design and the country’s high standard of quality craftsmanship. ASK Architects’ Julia Andersen, Una Finnsdóttir and Valdimar Harðarson led the project. HAF Studio was responsible for the bar’s interior design, and was led by Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir. The benches, lamps and other interior elements are also by HAF Studio, with chairs by Halldór Hjálmarsson and bar stools by Daníel Magnússon. Icelandic design has never looked better in one of Europe’s best airports!

Loksins Bar welcomes Keflavik’s passengers to embark upon a tasty adventure. Book your trip to Iceland now, and like Loksins on Facebook for more information.