Music & Art Aug 10, 2015

Listen to the Best Icelandic Music With the Nordic Playlist

The music export project curates playlists featuring Icelandic and other Nordic musicians.

Since launching in January 2014, the Nordic Playlist has been curating the best music from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and other Nordic countries and bringing it to the international audience. Of Monsters & Men, Lykke Li, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Mew, Erlend Øye, Teitur, and Nive Nielsen have all been active participants on the site, which has already presented more than 70 curated playlists featuring more than 300 Nordic artists.

After taking the online world by storm, Nordic Playlist has also begun bringing its music to the streets with a series of live events. The Nordic Playlist has been present at festivals and events in and around the Nordic region over the past 12 months, producing exclusive content to support the online ambition of the Nordic Playlist website. Watch their video below from Denmark’s Rokslide Festival 2015.

The Nordic Playlist also offers the “Radio Bar,” which brings “live-streamed, tailor made, Nordic focused radio shows and live performances to a worldwide audience.” So far, three editions have aired featuring over 25 radio presenters. Alongside the radio shows, the Nordic Playlist has also hosted live performances from Icelandic band GusGus, Jonas Alaska of Norway, and Asbjørn of Denmark. Watch the Nordic Playlist Radio Bar featuring Ásgeir at the popular Icelandic music festival, Iceland Airwaves 2014:

The Nordic Playlist has plans to grow even more in the future, so make sure you follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify for the latest updates!