Music & Art Dec 23, 2020

Learn More about Iceland Music’s Record in Iceland Initiative

The new project aims to encourage musicians to record and produce their music in Iceland.

Iceland has been globally regarded as an ideal destination for recording and producing music. With multiple recording studios, a wide range of talent, and gorgeous landscapes to serve as inspiration, artists and producers flock to the country to create music. 

Iceland Music recently announced a new initiative called “Record in Iceland” to promote recording music in Iceland whether it be for film scores, albums, songs, or others. The initiative is targeted to inform music industry professionals, decision makers, composers, musicians, record labels, music supervisors, music executives, and more about the benefits of choosing Iceland to record in. When artists choose to record music in Iceland, they can get a 25% refund from the State Treasury for the costs incurred in the recording of music in Iceland. This includes recording costs, wage expenses, post-production and travel costs. 

Recently, laws regarding the time length for recordings decreased from 30 minutes to 14 minutes, enabling EPs and other shorter recording projects to fall under the application requirements, which is something that artists have been calling for.

The recent “Record in Iceland” online conference hosted a variety of guest speakers including Olafur Arnalds, a well known musician, composer and producer, Vikingur Olafsson, a pianist, GDRN, a musician and producer, among many more. Check out a recording of the webinar below: 

Featured image credit: Record in Iceland, Masterkey Studio