Nature & Environment Mar 24, 2020

Learn How Icelandic Sheep Farmers are Working to Fight Climate Change

Founded on agriculture and fisheries, Icelanders take special care to preserve the country’s natural wonders.

April 22nd will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, with this year’s theme being the pressing issue of climate action. Iceland’s beautiful, untouched nature continues to amaze the world, and Icelanders have taken many important steps to preserve their glaciers, black sand beaches, geysers and mountains. IcelandiclambEarthDayAs a nation founded on agriculture and fisheries, Icelanders take special care to respect the environment and recognize its role in their survival. Sheep farmers serve as a prime example of the Icelandic commitment to preserving this natural wealth. These farmers are fully committed to preserving the pastures where their Icelandic lamb graze in the summer, a landscape rich with Arctic herbs and berries that gives the lamb it’s renowned flavor and texture. 

Since 1907, the Icelandic government has been working to protect certain areas that are at risk of erosion due to harsh weather conditions and volcanic activity. The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) along with farmers across Iceland have joined in their mission to fight soil erosion, promote sustainable land use, and restore vegetation to impacted land. Thanks to their efforts, Icelanders everywhere have gained a greater knowledge of soil conservation, and a healthier environment for future generations! 

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