Music & Art Jun 03, 2020

Learn How Icelanders Are Getting Ready To Celebrate The Summer Months!

Visit Reykjavik recently launched “Sumarborgin 2020,” a new initiative to highlight the city center

Icelandic marketing office,Visit Reykjavík, recently launched its new Sumarborgin 2020 (“Summer City 2020”) initiative to revitalize and highlight the diversity of the capital city’s center with its collection of restaurants, shops, and other services. While city officials make plans for a summer full of art and activities for all ages, the city center itself is being cleaned and decorated with fresh flowers.

A special focus will be put on areas that are not generally noticed, including public squares and other open areas. These areas will be decorated to make them more vibrant during the summer. The goal is to make these areas fun places everyone can enjoy during the warmer months, while also staying safe and following health guidelines.

Visit Reykjavík wants to entice more people to go on a trip to the city center and visit some of the many restaurants, boutiques and museums that are all located within walking distance of each other. This includes fun stops like the Reykjavík Maritime Museum, The Settlement Exhibition, Museum of Photography and Reykjavík Art Museum, National Museum of Iceland, The Culture House and the National Gallery of Iceland

The city is also currently working with a number of artists that will host events during the summer and offer even more small events to keep visitors entertained. Keep an eye out for these upcoming events on our calendar here!

Where would you like to visit in the center of Reykjavík? Let us know in the comments below!