Nature & Environment Feb 05, 2020

Learn all about Sólheimar, the oldest eco-village in the world!

This small Icelandic village has a whole lot of character!

Nestled in the Icelandic countryside about an hour outside Reykjavík is the small village of Sólheimar, a community of just 100 people living in what is recognized as the world’s oldest eco-village. An eco-village is a region in which residents seek to live in a way that has minimal impact on the environment. 

Though small, this village holds some impressive distinctions: it is one of Iceland’s largest organic vegetable producers, and was the first area across all the Nordic countries to cultivate produce organically. It is also home to Iceland’s only organic nursery and arboretum, and was the first place in Iceland to win international recognition as a sustainable community.

You can learn all about this fascinating village here. Will you be planning a trip to Sólheimar on your next trip to Iceland? Let us know in the comments below!