Nature & Environment Jan 04, 2018

Learn about Nature and Culture in the Westfjords!

The Nature Child School offers hands-on lessons and activities about the Strandir region in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Each summer, local Icelandic children in the Westfjords gather together at Náttúrubarnaskólinn, or the Nature Child School. This school aims to give children an interactive experience by exploring nature and learning about Icelandic culture. Lessons range from seeing the local wildlife to creating “magic” potions that promise good health, luck and bright futures.

The school offers a variety of activities open to all ages. In one class, children learned about and created special boxes for the black guillemots. They then were able to watch these unique birds nest throughout the season. Another lesson is themed around the sea: children learned about the tides, sent out a message in a bottle and made jewelry from driftwood found on the beach nearby.

“There are so many things in nature, manmade or natural, that we rush past every day without actually noticing. These are the things we want to analyze better,” said Dagbjört Jónsdóttir, the headmaster of the school. Dagbjört plans the summer classes all winter, and she hopes to offer even more activities in the upcoming 2018 year.

The Westfjords region of Iceland is characterized by its many waterfalls, hot springs, medicinal plants, and plethora of animal life, including spots for seeing arctic foxes and bird watching. Visitors will find the Westfjords perfect for enjoying time outdoors and enjoying nature. The area contains incredible hiking trails, kayaking and even surfing!

Take a trip to the Westfjords on your next visit! The Nature Child School offers classes each week during both the weekday and evening and the weekends. Any child is welcome to participate in a class to learn about the local area. You can sign up for classes and learn more about the school here.

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