Nature & Environment Feb 05, 2015

Learn About Iceland’s Cutest Creatures at The Arctic Fox Centre

Don’t miss the arctic fox sightseeing tour on your next trip to Iceland.

The Arctic Fox Centre is a a non-profit research and exhibition center that was established in 2007 in Sudavik Westfjords, Iceland. The center focuses on the study and preservation of the arctic fox, the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland, and possibly the country’s cutest creature!

The arctic fox is a small (6-7 lbs.) carnivore that is native to Iceland. These animals are true descendants of the ice age as they remained on the island even as the ice cap redrew towards the north thousands of years ago. Although food supply is highly seasonal, the arctic foxes have no competitive carnivores and feed primarily on birds, eggs, and berries.

The Arctic Fox Centre works with various local tour operators to offer unique and tailored trips into the “Kingdom of the Arctic Fox” to see the animals in their natural environment. This is a popular attraction for tourists who come to Iceland looking for adventure! For more information on tours conducted by the organization, click here.

The Arctic Fox Centre is also home to a museum, a pup rehabilitation center, and a café. The museum holds a series of exhibitions focusing on educating both Icelanders and tourists about the importance of preserving and cherishing the arctic fox population. Exhibitions focus on:

With the goal of collecting as much knowledge and material relevant to the arctic fox as possible, The Arctic Fox Centre actively participates in research programs to develop sustainable wildlife tourism in Iceland. The Arctic Fox Centre offers volunteer work for those who are interested and always welcomes donations! Click here for more photos of this adorable Icelandic creature.