Music & Art Jun 17, 2013

The Laugavegur Ultra Marathon: A Challenge for Even the Most Experienced Runner

Tourists from around the world come to the popular Laugavegur hiking trail during the summer months to complete a difficult four day hike. Once a year, the trail is greeted by hundreds of daring individuals as they challenge themselves both physically and mentally to run the 55 km (34.2 mile) trail in just a few hours at the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon.

Since 1997, the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon has been considered the most enjoyable race in Iceland by many runners. The 17th annual race will take place on July 13, 2013. Registration for the race will close on June 30, 2013.

The challenging course covers various terrain including sand, gravel, snow, ice, rivers and streams. The race is broken up into four segments, each approximately 10-12 km (6-7.5 miles). For security reasons, all participants must meet a certain time limit for segments of the race.

While the marathon is no easy feat, the breathtaking views of Iceland’s natural beauty has brought runners from around the world to the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon.

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