Nature & Environment Feb 15, 2013

LA Times Calls Iceland “A Photographer’s Dream”

Highlighted in the travel section of the LA Times last week, Iceland is recognized as a mecca for photographers looking to capture a broad range of exquisite natural landmarks and sceneries.

One of the most alluring aspects of Iceland’s landscape is that it offers countless natural treasures. From the lava fields covered in thick moss to the volcanic ash deserts and beaches, there is a wide range of natural scenery for photographers and visitors alike. In addition to the lava fields and volcanic ash beaches, the Icelandic landscape also includes picturesque weathered terrains under ice-capped mountains, hot springs and lastly, lush fields of indigo lupin flowers.

Journalist Sergei Loiko of the LA Times describes Iceland as “a photographer’s dream.”

Aside from the beautiful natural scenery, photographers can also capture one of a kind Icelandic horses – brought to Iceland by the first Viking settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries – that freely wander the land. Shorter than traditional horses but taller than ponies, these Icelandic horses are both strong and handsome in their appearance, making them an ideal subject for any photographer.

While Iceland is at its peak for sunlight during the summer months, the idyllic Icelandic landscape is breathtaking at any time of year.

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Photo Credit: Sergei L. Loiko