News Oct 23, 2009

Kristín Garðarsdóttir 

Art Installation

Icelandic artist Kristin Garðarsdóttir has been staying at the Firehouse working on her art and designs in October.  She will create an installation of her work for one night only at The Firehouse at 604 East 11th street, New York 10009 NY between avenue B and C.

Kristín works in both clay and glass. Touch and texture are important features and her ceramics are partly influenced by her trips to Japan in the recent years where she was inspired by traditions that go back centuries.

The form of Kristín’s sculptures is organic and soft while at the same time being classic.  Some are simple and defined, some massive and heavy, others light and playful. The texture of the clay is very important, mat or gloss, rough or smooth and it plays a major role in the finished works of art.

Read more about Krisin on her website.