Products & Services Feb 24, 2014

Keflavik Named One of Europe’s Best Airports

Keflavik Airport was named the fourth best airport in Europe in 2013 and the most convenient airport in Europe for connecting flights according to the Airport Council International ASQ Awards (Airport Service Quality). The awards represent passenger views on 34 key service indicators and is the industry’s most comprehensive customer service benchmarking tool. Furthermore, the Duty Free Store at Keflavik Airport was recently awarded as Best Airport Tax Free Shopping Service Provider by Business Destinations magazine.

Keflavik Airport was previously awarded as the best airport in Europe, in 2009 and in 2011 as the best airport with under two million passengers. The results for 2013 as well as the previous results confirm that Keflavik Airport is among the best airports in Europe.

Passenger growth has been extensive at the airport and grew 15.6% from 2013 to 2012. With such a drastic increase in traffic, it’s difficult to maintain this high level of airport service. The key to this success is cooperation between the airport operator, service providers at the airport, airlines, ground handlers and all those who work together servicing the passengers at Keflavik Airport.