Business & Government Sep 23, 2013

Keflavík International Airport Recaps Smooth Flights During 2010 Volcano Eruption


The latest issue of Keflavík International Airport’s in-flight magazine, Airmail, recaps the smooth running of international flights to and from Iceland during the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption in April 2010.


As part of the Eyjafjallajökull issue, Keflavík International Airport interviewed some of the key players whose quick implementation helped cut down the delays at the airport, and kept flights running despite the majority of flights in Europe being cancelled.

The issue also features a run down of various ways to experience the country, as well as sporting activities to partake in, and the incredible wildlife the country has to offer.

Keflavik International Airport’s online B2B magazine is an attractive digital magazine focusing of the airport sector. Airmail brings together the latest news about the airport and its services, alongside articles about Iceland, activities, and related upcoming events. The magazine boasts high-quality images showcasing the beauty of Iceland.

This edition of Airmail can be viewed here.