News Jul 23, 2014

Keflavik Airport Introduces Art Display & Improved Wi-Fi

The work of art illustrates the diversity of Icelandic products available at Keflavik Airport.

Keflavik Airport wanted to illustrate the diversity of Icelandic products in the Duty Free area. A brilliant young artist, Kristín María Sigþórsdóttir, brought this vision to life by assembling more than 3000 Icelandic products that are available at Keflavik Airport and represent Icelandic culture and diversity. The final composition took place almost in the form of a live event, over the course of 12 hours during one night. Click here to watch a video of the the display being created.

Below, artist Kristín María describes her journey:

“My approach to the project was very open and I was determined to involve humour and fun in the design process. I wanted the result to surprise and delight rather than being overly serious. One could say that the final piece was in a way an extended improvisation, with spontaneity and intuition playing an important role in its execution.

During the process, I was less concerned with replicating exact details from the Icelandic landscape, or reflecting where specific products originated. Rather, I wanted to create something more mysterious and unexpected using the products visually as raw materials, offering a variety of colour, texture and form.

This, I hope, creates a fun interaction with the viewer, as they make their own way through this world of forms and colours, searching for connections to the Icelandic landscape. It is an opportunity to take stereotypical Icelandic products, and reframe them in a surprising and humourous way.

Throughout the process, it was a delight to be part of daily life at the airport and to get to know many of the personnel. Everyone from the staff to the local businesses were extremely helpful in creating and engaging with this project.”

Keflavik also just announced an update to their free Wi-Fi service. After introducing free wireless internet in February 2013, Keflavik recently amped-up it’s internet service to include high-speed internet throughout the Lief Ericson terminal.