Food & Drink Jun 08, 2012

James Taylor and Other Talents to Perform at the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall

The Harpa Reykjavik concert hall draws talent from all over the world, and this month it will be hosting an array of musical performances, including orchestra, choir, and internationally-famed artists. One performer who is making a splash in Reykjavik is James Taylor, an American singer-songwriter who has captivated legions of fans with his characteristic, folk-inspired sound for 40 years. He will be performing May 18th. The Stefnir male choir spring concert, taking place May 3rd, is also a performance to look forward to, featuring all Icelandic lyrics to songs by Icelandic composers as well as Beethoven, Lennon, and Schubert.

The May 2012 calendar of events is as follows:

May 3 – Stefnir Male Choir Spring Concert
May 10 – Eðvaldsdóttir Plays Shostakovich
May 12 – Hafliði, Brahms & Aurora Tango
May 25 – How To Become Icelandic in 60 Minutes
May 18 – James Taylor
May 18, 19 – Journey
May 20 – The Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra
May 20 – Arcadi Volodos – The Reykjavik Arts Festival
May 23 – Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Orchestronics
May 25 – Romeo and Juliet – The Reykjavik Arts Festival
May 27 – Christoph Pregardien & Ulrich Eisenlohr
May 27, 28 – Bryan Ferry
May 31 – Yann Tiersen at the Reykjavik Arts Festival

For more information on the Reykjavik Concert Hall, click here.