Music & Art Apr 19, 2021

An Intro to the Creative Arts in Iceland

Learn more about Icelandic art, culture, and history with our exclusive series featuring artists and museum directors throughout Iceland.

Celebrate Icelandic art, culture, history and more with our new short video series highlighting the creative arts throughout Iceland, presented by Iceland Naturally and the Icelandic Art Center. Each week from April 22 to May 13, we will release a new episode that highlights different aspects of Icelandic art and features knowledgeable speakers including the Director of the National Gallery of Iceland and the Director of the Reykjavik Art Museum, among many more. 

Art is at the heart of Iceland’s dynamic culture. Throughout history, Icelanders have been regarded as innovative and gifted creators, from sculpture and painting to composing and acting. Keep an eye out for a new episode to appear on this page and on our social media each week!

Episode 1: The Old Masters

In the series’ first episode, Harpa Þórsdóttir, Director of the National Gallery of Iceland, leads the audience on a tour of the historic National Gallery. Founded in 1884, the museum owns the most valuable collection of works by Icelandic artists in the country! The museum’s main emphasis is on 20th and 21st century Icelandic art, but international art is featured as well. During the episode, Þórsdóttir makes note of important paintings in Iceland’s history and discusses the history of Icelandic art masters and their contributions to Icelandic art and culture.

Episode 2: Contemporary 

To provide audiences a glimpse into the future of Icelandic art, the second episode features the contemporary art scene in Iceland. Ólöf K. Sigurðardóttir, Director of the Reykjavík Art Museum, shows some of the museum’s contemporary pieces, interviews contemporary artists, and highlights up and coming artists in the Icelandic art scene. This episode is a must-watch for lovers of contemporary art! 

Tune back in on May 6 at 3pm ET for the launch of the second episode: Artist Run Scene (Disruptions/Rebels).