News Jun 15, 2011

Interactive Energy Exhibit

In all the corners of the world demand for renewable energy continues to rise. The exhibition at Burfell Power Station focuses on both the opportunities and limitations these types of energy sources present. The exhibition will also provide a history of how these techniques have been used in Iceland over time.

The exhibition offers visitors an insight into renewable energy production and how it is used. We also look into the future and at the possibility of harnessing power from Geothermal, Wind and Sea sources. Our aim is to educate and entertain our guests, and to share knowledge about different energy sources and their effects on the community, economy and environment.

Burfell Power Station is open every day 10-7 from June 12 until August 31.  After September 1, the exhibition is open by appointment only. Call +354-515-9000 to schedule an appointment.