News Dec 08, 2010

Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland Lit For 30th Anniversary of John Lennon’s Death

The Imagine Peace Tower was built in honor of John Lennon by Yoko Ono, and is located on Viðey Island in Reykjavík, Iceland.  The tower is meant to represent wisdom, healing and joy as well as ‘communicate awareness to the whole world that peace & love is what connects all lives on Earth.’

Iceland was chosen to build the Imagine Peace Tower for a few important reasons. The electricity used to power the light is generated entirely by geothermal energy – from hot water – at the Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant. Iceland was also chosen because the atmospheric conditions, unique to Iceland, creates continuous change in the strength and brilliance of the light – creating a clear pillar of light on cloudless nights, an intense iridescence with rainbow refractions in snow or rain, and a mesmerizing glow when reflecting through cloud layers.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. A Ceremonial lighting will take place at 4 PM EST, and can be viewed live on Yoko Ono, who is heading up the ceremony, is also asking everyone to tweet their wishes to @IPTower with the hopes of receiving 1 million tweets.

Visit to find out much more about the very unique tower, and the work Yoko Ono is doing.