Business & Government Food & Drink Feb 24, 2017

Iceland’s First Michelin Star Goes to Dill!

Dill’s owners received the prestigious honor from the world authority in fine dining.

The Michelin Star has a long and interesting history, adding restaurants from all over the world to its prestigious list. For the first time since the star’s creation, an Icelandic restaurant received this distinct honor! Dill’s owners were awarded the star at a ceremony in Stockholm.

Over the years, Dill received numerous awards and nominations from organizations like the White Nordic and Nordic Prize. In 2015, the interior design of Dill was also nominated for a Restaurant & Bar Design Award.

“Dill builds on Icelandic traditions and Icelandic and Nordic ideology, and we use only the best and purest of Icelandic ingredients in our cooking,” said Head Chef of Dill, Ragnar Eiríksson. “It’s an enormous honor for all of my fantastic coworkers.”

Dill is a small restaurant that sits between 20-30 people, so book your reservation today before the rest of the world hears about one of Iceland’s (and the world’s) best restaurants!