Food & Drink Products & Services May 29, 2018

Iceland’s Favorite Brewery Is Creating a New Beer for the World Cup!

Borg Brugghús is teaming up with a Moscow brewery to create a special flavor in honor of Iceland’s journey to the World Cup.

Iceland’s participation in the World Cup is an exciting milestone not just for the country itself, but for the rest of the world. As the smallest country to ever qualify for the World Cup, Iceland has garnered a considerable fanbase across the globe that is ready to cheer on this small but mighty nation.

To help World Cup attendees cheer on Team Iceland, Iceland’s favorite brewery, Borg Brugghús is teaming up with Moscow’s Bottle Share brewery to create a special beer in honor of the Icelandic team. Called húh!, this beer will be sold in Moscow (and hopefully in the other cities where the Icelandic matches will be held!). The húh! beer is a Farmhouse IPA that is dry hopped and brewed with a farmhouse yeast. The Iceland brewers also brought along Icelandic Sea Mayweed to spice the beer. Borg Brugghús brewmaster Árni Theodór Long points out that this herb resembles the flavor of Chamomile tea, but has “a much more Icelandic touch to it.”

For those heading to Russia for the World Cup series, this beer is a must-try! Have you tasted other Borg Brugghús flavors? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at @IcelandNatural!