Music & Art Aug 23, 2018

Iceland’s Exciting Music Scene!

Iceland’s diverse musical artists have made the country a hub for festivals and amazing concerts.

Much of Iceland’s musical fame has come from Björk, but Iceland’s large variety of musical styles has made it one of the most diverse places for talent.

Today, popular Icelandic artists like Sigur Rós, our very own Taste of Iceland alum Kaleo and Of Monsters and Men have given Icelandic music an alternative flair, but many famous composers and jazz artists have also come from the country. Some notable names include Mezzoforte, the country’s most well-known jazz group; the late Icelandic composer Golden Globe winner and Academy Award and Grammy nominee Jóhann Jóhannsson; and The Iceland Symphony Orchestra, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2009. Because music has become so integral to the Icelandic lifestyle, you’ll find many bars and streets in Reykjavik and other Icelandic towns filled with live music.

Iceland is also known for its great music venues, making it a popular place for concerts and outdoor festivals like Iceland Airwaves and Sónar Reykjavík. Harpa, the Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Center, is one of the most popular landmarks in Reykjavik and hosts many musical acts, but most importantly, it is the home of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Icelandic Opera and the Reykjavik Big Band that hold numerous concerts annually.

Not able to go to Iceland to experience the music scene? Stay tuned to to see when and where Taste of Iceland will touch down in North America this year, and take a look at this list of upcoming Icelandic shows in North America!

Check out music from some of the top Icelandic artists below!

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