Food & Drink May 29, 2015

Iceland‘s Best Brennivín Cocktail Contest 2015

On May 5 in Reykjavik, the best Brennivín cocktail in Iceland was discovered!

The Best Brennivín Cocktail Contest evaluated 10 mixologists’ use of Iceland’s favorite aquavit  in an original cocktail recipe, and here we have the winning ingredients for the best drink of the year!

There are many ways to enjoy Brennivín, Iceland’s favorite spirit. Sometimes a shot of it alone is all you need, but it can also deliciously complete any cocktail. On May 5, the search for Iceland’s best Brennivín cocktail came to an end with it’s final competition, which was held in Tjarnarbíó, an old cinema-house in Reykjavík. It was a crowded, crazy night in which 10 competitors concocted the best Brennivín drink they could before a panel of judges.

And we have a winner!