Nature & Environment Jun 27, 2019

Iceland’s Animated Spokesperson, “Mr. Moss,” Encourages Visitors to Protect Icelandic Nature

The cartoon aims to educate visitors on the impact foot traffic has on Icelandic moss.

Iceland is known for its beautiful, expansive moss fields – but what some people might not know is that it can take thousands of years for that vegetation to grow. In an effort to educate tourists and locals on how to protect Iceland’s greenery, the collaborative project, ASCENT, createdMr. Moss,” an animated short movie that discusses the best practices for respecting Icelandic moss. In the film, Mr. Moss lightheartedly informs viewers of the impact they can have on the Icelandic environment, and how they can prevent harming the beautiful nature around them. 

The southern region of Iceland, where Mr. Moss primarily resides, experiences a high density of visitors and foot traffic that damages the moss covering that region. The short film serves as a wake-up call to those trekking along the southern region to be more aware of how they can responsibly enjoy nature. 

The transnational collaboration from ASCENT promotes creating footpaths along tourist destinations with nature conservation in mind, particularly in South Iceland’s Skaftárhreppur Eldhraun lava field – a region covered with thick moss that is very sensitive to any kind of human impact. The project is led by the Soil Conservation Service and premiered in April during Katla Geopark Week in Kirkjubæjarklaustur

“Mr. Moss” is a great way for children and adults alike to learn how to be eco-conscious in Iceland. Have you seen “Mr. Moss” yet? Join in the conversation on Twitter and let us know what you think!