Music & Art Oct 24, 2018

Iceland’s 12 Tonar Named “World’s Best Record Store”

Learn all about this world renowned music shop!

Iceland’s very own 12 Tonar was named the best record store in the world. The music magazine, New Music Express, published an article based on journalist Marcus Barnes’ new book, which ranks the 80 best record shops on the planet. The article highlights the top 10 recommendations from the book, naming the Icelandic record store 12 Tonar, as the first. The independent record label has produced work from about 70 successful artists from a variety of music genres.

Located in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, 12 Tonar is a friendly shop where visitors can browse magazines and music literature, explore two floors of music and enjoy in-store concerts. Owners Lárus Jóhannesson and Jóhannes Ágústsson designed the shop’s space so that customers could comfortably socialize and hang out amongst their top notch selection of music. In Barnes’ review he referred to this set up as “a winning formula” for the record store’s success. The record store has been featured on a number of lists and was also awarded “Shop of the Year” by the city of Reykjavik. Jóhannesson revealed that “it’s the soul of the record shop that matters,” in an interview with the Iceland Monitor. The shop recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.  

Iceland has always been regarded for their unique and talented artists in the music industry. 12 Tonar is an example of the phenomenal independant and creative music scene available in Reykjavik. Coming up soon in Reykjavik is the Iceland Airwaves festival which brings together new and current hit music performances all over the city. The three day festival begins November 7th with non-stop performances until the 10th. Book your trip to see Iceland Airwaves and visit 12 Tonar here!