Music & Art Mar 30, 2015

Icelandic-Swedish Duo ‘My bubba’ Performing in Several U.S. Cities

Catch their enchanting performance in New York, D.C., Philly, Boston and Nashville this spring!

My bubba is an Icelandic-Swedish female duo whose music is described as slow and easy, vocal-oriented folk, with lyrics that are both humorous and playful. Founding and current members are Larsdotter Lucas (My) from Sweden and Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir (bubba) from Iceland.

My and bubba met by chance in Copenhagen nearly five years ago. They started singing together mostly as an evening ritual to pass the time, but it later led them to Italy to record their first album “How It’s Done in Italy.” According to the Icelandic Music Export, their songs are “sparse, allowing their delicate voices and entrancing harmonies to take center stage, sharing curious stories of their adventurous spirit in alluringly sultry sounds. Simple and direct, but rich in layers, their general folksiness belies a modern savvy that gives it all a refreshing edge.”

Since 2010, the duo has released a total of four albums: “How it’s Done in Italy,” “Bob,” “Wild & You,” and “Goes Abroader,” which won the 2015 Icelandic Design Award for its cover artwork.

During the first week of April, My bubba is opening five shows for Damien Rice:

The duo is also performing at the Nelsonville Festival on May 28. Click here to buy tickets before they’re all sold out!

Check out their full live performance on KEXP below: