Nature & Environment Jun 25, 2014

Icelandic Singer Björk Brings the Lessons of her Biophilia Album to Nordic Classrooms

Iconic Icelandic singer Björk harnesses her star power to help the environment.

Acclaimed Icelandic singer Björk is raising eyebrows with the introduction of a curriculum based off of her Biophilia album in Nordic schools. Mainly known for her avant garde sense of fashion and off-kilter singing style, the celebrity is now using her influence to bring international attention to the state of the environment.

Since kicking off her Biophilia tour in 2010, the artist has become fascinated with finding new ways to teach the public about the human impact on the natural environment. Her efforts to spread awareness can be broken into two initiatives: her initial Biophilia project and her most recent educational efforts.

For the first incarnation of Björk’s project, specialists from several industries collaborated to create an immersive learning experience meshed with digital performance art. This effort resulted in an app described as a “multimedia exploration of the universe.” The app enables users to scan through the universe in 3D from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. Throughout the experience, users learn through hands-on manipulation of the elements of the universe, all to the soundtrack of Björk’s Biophilia album.

Björk’s most recent efforts to preserve the environment’s natural beauty comes in the form of hands-on experiential learning. The singer has developed a curriculum aimed at teaching students at all grade levels about the human impact on the environment and ways to reduce this footprint. Björk’s curriculum defies typical classroom learning, and has proven to be beneficial for students who learn best through participation.

Björk’s initiatives have been funded by the Nordic Council and are already rolling into classrooms in Iceland as well as internationally in cities such as Paris, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco.The project has faced a number of challenges from its inception, including underfunding and an Icelandic public which is generally unfamiliar with activism on a national scale. However, as usual, Björk has continued to break from the norm, successfully advancing her cause all while wearing blue facepaint and an orange wig.

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