Food & Drink Nature & Environment Mar 31, 2021

The Icelandic Lambwich, “Flatkaka,” is the Perfect Volcano Watching Snack

As Icelanders seek a glimpse of the Geldingardalur volcano, traditional “flatkaka” provides a boost of energy and a great taste.

On March 19th, the 6,000 year old volcano, Geldingardalur, erupted in southwest Iceland, spilling lava down two sides. The recent eruption has prompted courageous Icelanders to flock to the active volcano site. While Geldingardalur remains active, Iceland’s Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, has stated that the eruption is not considered a threat to any nearby towns. 

The trek to the active volcano is no easy feat, calling for appropriate outdoor clothing, sturdy shoes and a packed meal. More than 15,000 thrill seekers have geared up in the past week and made the 7 km hike in all weather conditions for this once in a lifetime experience. 

When it comes to packing an energy fueling snack, the smoked meat lambwich, “flatkaka,” is a popular choice. The sandwich is made up of rye bread, butter and smoked salmon or lamb. The flat rye bread is full of energy and it‘s small size ensures it fits in bags or even coat pockets. The smoked, Icelandic Lamb, slices are a traditional topping full of protein, OMEGA-3 and other fatty acids, making it the perfect mid-trek recovery meal. 

The Icelandic tradition of baking the “flatkaka” flatbread goes back to the settlement of Iceland in the 9th century. Traditionally, the rye bread is served cut into halves or sandwiched together, topped with butter, smoked salmon or lamb. Historically, moss was sometimes used as a supplement to bread due to a lack of grain on the island. The “flatkaka” is still popular in Iceland and a staple with hikers and farmers during herding and lambing season. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that thousands of “flatkaka” have now made their way to the active volcano site.

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