Food & Drink May 24, 2019

Icelandic Lamb’s New Map Shows You Where You Can Enjoy the Best Lamb in Iceland!

The interactive map leads you to all the best restaurants to enjoy the delicacy throughout the country.

Icelandic Lamb, the marketing agency for the Icelandic Sheep Farmers Association, recently awarded 18 restaurants with the 2019 Icelandic Lamb Award of Excellence. Each restaurant has a different and unique culinary style, but all offer the same high quality Icelandic Lamb for diners to enjoy.

Each year, Icelandic Lamb awards 10-20 of their restaurant partners with this honor, setting a standard of highly skilled preparation and outstanding execution of lamb dishes. Grillið and Lamb Street Food are among this year’s restaurants awarded – two incredibly different restaurants that both offer an amazing Icelandic Lamb experience.

Restaurant goers can now discover all the unique methods in which Icelandic lamb is prepared via the interactive map Icelandic Lamb has created featuring all their restaurant partners! Travelers can plan their trip around hitting each restaurant, or simply locate a 2019 Award of Excellence winner and book your dining experience there. Check out the map here!

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