Nature & Environment Sep 03, 2012

Icelandic Horse ‘Herd In Iceland’ Documentary In The Works

Lindsay Blatt and Paul Taggart have been working on their documentary ‘Herd in Iceland’ for the past two years. They spent their time with Icelandic horses and herders to fully understand the culture and traditions. The documentary focuses on the round up of the horses that have been isolated by the oceanic borders of Iceland.

What most people don’t know is that the Icelandic horse is native to Iceland and has been purebred for more than a millennium now. They roam free during the summer months, completely untended by humans. Come fall, the horses are rounded up by the local farmers in a big celebration at the end of the season. They have become a huge part of the Icelandic culture that many are unaware of.

That’s where Herd in Iceland comes in. Blatt and Taggart want to document the beauty and meaning behind it. By showing the horses and the people who care for them, the audience is able to understand the symbolism behind the horses and the nation is Iceland that they represent. In addition, Blatt also talks about her experience with horses in Arizona before she ever even knew about Iceland’s own horses.

Lindsay and Paul have started a kick-starter to fund the completion of the film.  You can learn more about the documentary and donate here.