Food & Drink Nov 27, 2012

Icelandic Holiday Deals

This holiday season our Iceland Naturally partners Blue Lagoon and 66°NORTH have some amazing holiday deals and specials.

Blue Lagoon Holiday Collections
If you can’t experience Reykjavik’s Christmas traditions in Iceland, bring them home to you with Blue Lagoon’s Holiday Collections! Pamper your skin with Blue Lagoon seawater, known for its healing power and active ingredients: algae, silica, and minerals.

Blue Lagoon is offering customers free shipping now through November 21 at their online store: Use promotional code “HappyHolidays.”
For help choosing products suitable for your skin type, please contact Blue Lagoon

66°NORTH: The Northern Lights
What better way to view the natural beauty of the Northern Lights than with these warm and cozy hats and sweaters from 66°NORTH! When you order a Kaldi sweater or Arctic hat you’ll receive 50% off of a pair of Kaldi mittens!
Click here to view more 66°NORTH items on sale.

Be sure to check back for more deals soon!