Food & Drink Mar 30, 2016

Icelandic Glacial Launches New Sparkling Water

The new lightly carbonated drink still harnesses Icelandic Glacial’s purity.

With sparkling water sales more than doubling in the past five years, it’s no surprise to hear Icelandic Glacial is launching their own version. Now available in iconic glass bottles, this new sparkling beverage harnesses all the purity of Icelandic Glacial’s original water, with light carbonation and naturally low mineral levels.

Icelandic Glacial’s water (both still and sparkling) is bottled at the Ölfus Spring, a natural and sustainable resource constantly replenished by a gradual filtration of rainfall and snowmelt. Zenith International, Europe’s leading food and drinks consultancy, has declared the Ölfus Spring to be certifiably sustainable.

The sparkling water is available in both a 330ml & 750ml glass bottle. The Icelandic brand also announced its classic still water is available in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles as well. And unlike other sparkling beverages, Icelandic Glacial’s sparkling option is 100% sodium free.

Initially, you will find the sparkling and glass options in restaurant and hotel partners around the world. Eventually, the goal is to have sparkling and glass widely available on the shelves of fine retailers everywhere. Sign up for Icelandic Glacial’s newsletter to stay up-to-date on sparkling water availability and upcoming promotions!