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Icelanders: Get in Touch With Your Heritage!

Snorri offers a program for Icelandic youth to reconnect with their culture.

Are you of Icelandic heritage? Or do you simply have a passion for Iceland? Then Snorri’s cultural programs are definitely for you. Snorri is an organization focused on educating individuals on their own Icelandic roots; the program is available to individuals who live in the U.S. and Canada who are passionate on discovering their country, culture, nature and the language of their ancestors. The program also creates strong new bonds with fellow Icelanders and Icelandic relatives. This enriching experience has been running since 1999.

There are three basic programs. The main Snorri Program is a unique opportunity for young Icelanders ages 18 to 28 living in the U.S. and Canada. It’s a six-week summer program in Iceland that helps bring people together and deepen their cultural roots. The Snorri West Program is for the same age group, but instead is for those who want to travel to the Icelandic settlements in Canada and the U.S. for four weeks during mid-summer. The Snorri Plus Program is a two-week cultural experience in August for people over thirty, where you spend two weeks in Iceland immersing yourself in the culture, history and shared experiences of other Iceland enthusiasts. 

The exciting itinerary for these programs includes everything you need to become educated and experienced in the Icelandic lifestyle. The first two weeks include lectures on the language, culture and history of Iceland, including interactive trips like visits to Reykjavik museums and surrounding areas. There is even cooking and new dining experiences to get to know the food of Iceland; beyond this, there is an enriching volunteering period where you become a fully participating member of an Icelandic family and the community. By the end of the trip there is a historical tour taking you to the most exotic and beautiful places in Iceland, complete with sightseeing, geysers, waterfalls, boating, hiking, hot springs and more. 

The program even includes reunions in Iceland for past participators and an alumni internship for those who wish to contribute to the growing tradition of the Snorri programs.

To apply for these programs and view deadlines and more, visit Snorri’s website. Check out the Snorri West video below: