Literature Apr 14, 2020

Icelanders Are Trying To Break A Reading World Record!

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is launching a reading project to beat a Guinness World Record by April 30.

Iceland’s Ministry of Education, Science and Culture launched a reading project for the nation to encourage children and adults to take advantage of extra reading time they might have in these current circumstances. The project, Time to Read, is attempting to break a Guinness World Record when the project closes on April 30.

To join the project, Icelanders make an account on the Time to Read website and log their reading sessions each time. Any type of reading counts – from novels, recipe books to comic books! On the website, participants can also watch the nation’s common reading from day to day. Over the next four weeks, the website will also provide various information about reading, ideas for reading for different age groups, motivational videos from writers and more. The platform has even established a collection of video messages from participants to form a “cheer team” and encourage participants to keep reading.

You can check out how many minutes of reading Icelanders have added up so far here and find a breakdown by age and postal code here.

Help us cheer on the Time To Read participants in the comments below and let us know what you are currently reading!