Apr 25, 2018

Icelandair Welcomes a New Boeing 737 MAX 8 Into Its Fleet

Passengers celebrated Icelandair’s newest addition by receiving an in-air tutorial on how to take aerial photography.

Icelandair just added a new carrier to its airfleet: the Boeing 737 MAX 8. The company recently celebrated this addition with a special flight called “Iceland By Air.” The flight took its passengers on a special route over some of Iceland’s most majestic landscapes including Eyjafjordur, the mountains of the Trollaskagi peninsula, and Hvalfjordur by Reykjavík, all before landing in the city of Akureyri where Icelandair was originally founded in 1937.

The guests were joined by top Icelandic photographer, Páll Jokull, for an in-air tutorial on how to take the perfect aerial photo from the Boeing 737’s redesigned windows. Using the lighting set by the airplane’s new LED light system, the well-designed cabin windows to frame the photograph, and Páll’s photography instruction, the passengers were able to get the perfect shot. Guests finished off the celebratory flight by toasting the new plane with Icelandair’s special-edition 737 Transatlantic Icelandair Pale Ale.

“Welcoming 16 new aircraft into Icelandair’s fleet over the next four years marks our commitment towards continually improving our customer experience,” said Bjorgulfur Johannsson, President and CEO of Icelandair. “The Boeing 737 MAX family will enable us to continue to strengthen our route network and offer our customers choice and flexibility in this highly competitive environment.”

The new Boeing 737 MAX 8 features a redesigned interior, customizable LED lighting, 20% more fuel efficiency and the latest quiet engine technology to reduce the noise footprint of the airplane by up to 40 percent. Icelandair will be adding a total of 16 Boeing 737 Max 8 and Boeing 737 MAX 9 planes to its fleet over the next four years.

Over the next month, all passengers aboard the Boeing 737 MAX 8 can take part in capturing the perfect aerial photo by sharing a post on social media. Using #IcelandByAir, you’ll be entered for a chance to be featured in Icelandair’s in-flight magazine and showcased on the Icelandair website!

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