Nature & Environment Oct 01, 2019

Icelandair Reduces its Carbon Footprint!

The airline reaffirms its commitment to reducing CO2 with new efforts and changes to its fleet

Icelandair has long been recognized for its sustainable efforts, including introducing a new line of in-flight biodegradable cutlery and eco-friendly amenities kits. And now, Icelandair has introduced new changes to its fleet to reaffirm the company’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint! Just some of the recently implemented changes include new winglets to reduce draft and save fuel, along with other efforts to minimize fuel consumption during approach and landing.

Icelandair now runs a fuel-monitoring program in order to reduce its CO2 emissions. Icelandair’s pilots are trained in techniques such as CDA (constant descent approach) and RAA (reduced acceleration altitude) to reduce noise pollution and save on fuel consumption. With this advanced software, the pilots can see their individual fuel savings and compare their efforts to their colleagues. 

With Icelandair’s new Carbon Calculator, passengers can even see what their own footprint looks like. Just enter your starting point, destination and number of passengers to estimate what your average flight emissions will look like. 

Icelandair is also proud to be in cooperation with the Icelandic Carbon Fund, Kolviður. Currently, all carbon-offset contributions are used to help cultivate forests in Iceland, as the trees absorb carbon from CO2 and reduce it from the atmosphere. 

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