Products & Services May 28, 2019

Icelandair Group Receives Equal Pay Certification!

The airline is now the largest private company in Iceland to receive this certification.

Icelandair, Iceland’s leading airline, continues to prove its status as a champion of workplace equality with the announcement of its new equal pay certification! This certification signifies the group’s dedication to combating gender-based pay gaps, as well as prioritizing workplace gender equality.

This esteemed certification applies to Icelandair Group, Icelandair Hotels, and Icelandair Cargo – totaling around four thousand employees! It also marks another step in Icelandair’s long history of promoting equal rights. On June 19, 1999, Icelandair made history with an all-female flight crew in honor of Women’s Rights Day. The airline has only continued to improve in this area, consistently setting the bar higher on a global scale. For example, the number of female pilots at Icelandair currently surpasses that of most other airlines.

Their push for equality does not stop there – last October, Icelandair Group CEO, Bogi Nils, joined the Leadership Equality project of the Association of Business Women of Iceland. This project is aimed at increasing the number of women in Executive Management level positions to 40% by 2027.

Icelandair is one of Iceland’s most recognized brands, and the company understands the responsibility of reflecting the values of the nation. The airline has established itself as a pioneer, and we congratulate Icelandair on its ambition in the area of equal opportunity!

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